Петър Андронов влиза в Надзорния съвет на ДЗИ

В средата на март стана ясно, че финансистът ще напусне поста на главен изпълнителен директор на ОББ

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17-11-2017 20-11-2018


фатмак без морал и с анбиции... перфектен кадър за всичко!

Vote the governor of BNB Dimitar Radev out soon as together with the other governors as they are mind controlled by the 1% and working for them . Send away the BNB researchers as they are implanted as well by Austrian commercial banks, ECB and EC , that you can establish with zap checker and waves coming from their heads. They created the 2009 crisis on purpose , bankrupted the stock exchange in Sofia, have hidden the data for the bankruptcy of bank KTB. The streets of Bulgaria are full of Mercedes and BMW jeeps on credit they cannot afford and will bankrupt with your deposits. Radev decided, in his mandate to increase the credit expansion and thus to decline the huge share of bad credits , but soon the bad credits with reckless loans will also increase so require his resignation and punishment by law. The Bulgarian banks are with some 15% potential bad credits after Covid Credit moratorium. Observe that banks will not be bailed out from government as EU banks to show who is really creating the corruption, and that EU banks are controlling the Bulgarian Central Bank BNB and Government with brain Implants and Mind Control on the waves of A1 and Tetra EU network. Banks should ,according to the EU directive, be bailed in with stocks , bonds and big deposits. EU banks have some 5 bn EUR deposits ,that should be enough if they bankrupt due to bad loans. Please EU people observe Bulgarian banks , I will observe your money not to be wasted on EU banks that are also close to bankruptcy after bad management last decade , zero bound interest rate by ECB , even negative, and covid.

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